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Welcome to the Cambodia pages of the protected areas review


Cambodia National Report on Protected Areas and Development

This report is the key document in presenting the culmination of ideas and experience drawn from the Cambodia Protected Areas and Development Review. It was prepared by an interagency core group of government experts, convened by the Ministry of Environment to look at the links between protected areas and development. In doing so it brought together economic and financial planners, natural resource developers and conservation managers from ten ministries.



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Field study in the South West Cluster

A field study has been carried out in the South West Cluster of National Parks in order to investigate in detail the economic role and benefits of key protected areas in Cambodia. In particular, the study is looking at the economic values of specific national parks to local communities, tourism, hydropower and three provinces that the protected areas are located in.

Lessons learned in Cambodia [PDF 307 KB]

This lessons paper documents the past ten years of experience of protected areas and its linkages with different development sectors in Cambodia, expressed as achievements and remaining challenges, and further explores the relationship of protected areas to the national economy.

National round tables

Two national round table hosted by the Ministry of the Environment brought together review partners from government, protected areas and non-governmental organisations to discuss lessons learned regarding the contribution of protected areas to socio-conomic development in Cambodia and to provide comments on the Cambodia National Report.

24/10/01 First national round table
29/01/03 Second national round table