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Second national round table

Vientiane, 14 June 2002

Hosted by the Department of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


This Second National Round Table in Lao PDR for the review follows up on the first national round table which took place on 12 November 2001. Whereas the first round table introduced the review and sought to define the lessons from past experience and identify the benefits of the protected areas to socio-economic development, this second meeting had the following objectives: 

  • To involve economic planners and protected areas managers in the ongoing development of the national report on protected areas and their role in socio-economic development in Lao PDR;

  • To inform workshop participants about the findings of the review, including the Lessons Learned paper and the field study, and to provide an opportunity for them to provide feedback.



Morning - presentations

Welcome address
Mr. Veunvang Bouttalath,Deputy Director, Department of Forestry

Overview of workshop objectives and agenda

Overview of protected areas review: Objectives and approach
Oudomsack Philavong, Lao National Mekong Committee, and Jeremy Carew-Reid,Director, International Centre for Environmental Management

Lessons learned regarding the experience with protected areas and socio-economic development in Lao PDR
Mr. Savanh Chanthakoummane, Division of Forest Resource Conservation, Department of Forestry

Nam Et and Phou Loei NBCAs: A case study of economics and development linkages
Mr. Kaisorn Thanthathep,Environmental Research Institute, Science, Technology and Environment Agency

The national economic development context and the role of protected areas
Mrs. Sirivanh Khonthapane, Deputy Director General, National Economic Research Institute

Overview of the National Report
Mr. Soulisack Detphachanh, Deputy Director, Division of Forest Resource Conservation

Afternoon - working group discussions

Description of working group tasks

Working group session to discuss the linkages between protected areas and various sectors

Findings from groups presented to plenary

Summing up
Ms. Sirivanh Khouthikoumane, DFRC

Closing remarks and next steps
Mr. Veunvang Bouttalath,Deputy Director, Department of Forestry