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The Lower Mekong River Region


Welcome to the regional pages of the protected area review

In addition to the four national reviews in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam, there is also an important regional component to the review which looks at the issues from a broader geographical perspective.

Regional Report on Protected Areas and Development

The regional report deals with issues requiring collective action from all countries in the region because of their many natural system and development connections. It has three aims:

  1. To help shape and reinforce the strategies set out in each of the national PAD reports;
  2. To influence the sectoral components of regional development plans and agreements; and,
  3. To provide a framework of strategies for a regional conservation action plan and program.


17-18/10/02 Second regional workshop

The second regional workshop was convened by the Mekong River Commission in to facilitate exchange between countries of the region on the review activities and key policy strategies. It focused on presentation and discussion of the national reports then critical consideration of the draft regional report. It was attended by representatives from Cambodia, Thailand, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Myanmar, donor agencies and international organisations.

6-7/05/02 First regional workshop

The first of two regional round tables was held on 6/7 May 2002 in Phnom Penh, hosted by the Mekong River Commission. The workshop provided an opportunity to share the lessons of the past decade, to discuss the results of the field studies and identify the key issues which the later review national and regional reports will need to address.

Drawing lessons from experience

A series of 11 thematic lessons papers and 4 country lessons papers draw on global experience in linking protected areas and key economic development sectors. The papers are intended to convey global lessons and best practice to planners and policy-makers in the region.