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The Lower Mekong River Region


Lessons learned


A series of 11 thematic lessons papers drawing on global experience in linking protected areas and key economic development sectors. The papers are intended to convey global lessons and best practice to planners and policy makers in the region.

In addition, four national lessons papers review the national experience with protected areas and development over the past decade. The country lessons papers provide the benchmark and the agenda of achievements and remaining challenges to be addressed by the review.

The thematic and national lessons papers will soon be available in printed form in two seperate volumes. In the meantime they can be downloaded here.

Thematic lessons papers

ICEM, 2003. Lessons Learned From Global Experience. Review of Protected Areas and Development in the Lower Mekong River Region, Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia. x + 166 pp. ISBN: 0 975033 27 1

Introduction [PDF 69 KB]

  1. Protected areas planning and management [PDF 260 KB]
  2. Protected areas as development assets - a synthesis of economic lessons [PDF 214 KB]
  3. Integrating protected areas in economic development planning [PDF 154 KB]
  4. Economic incentives and protected areas: economic, financing and market mechanisms [PDF 134 KB]
  5. Economic valuation: Its use in protected area management [PDF 296 KB]
  6. Protected areas and community development [PDF 95 KB]
  7. Information technology and protected areas [PDF 111 KB]
  8. Marine protected areas and fisheries [PDF 104 KB]
  9. Protected areas and water resource development [PDF 111 KB]
  10. Agriculture, biodiversity conservation and protected areas [PDF 96 KB]
  11. Protected areas and forest certification [PDF 105 KB]

National lessons papers

ICEM, 2003. Lessons learned in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam. Review of Protected Areas and Development in the Lower Mekong River Region, Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia. 104 pp. ISBN: 0 975033 26 3

Introduction [PDF 61 KB]

  1. Cambodia [PDF 240 KB]
  2. Lao PDR [PDF 206 KB]
  3. Thailand [PDF 188 KB]
  4. Vietnam [PDF 240 KB]

The lessons papers have involved extensive consultation and several drafting stages. The country lessons papers were presented by the lead government agencies to first national round tables held during September to November 2001 and were placed on this web site as drafts for comment. The thematic lessons papers have undergone a similar process of consultation.