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The Lower Mekong River Region


Second regional workshop

Phnom Penh, 17/18 October 2002, hosted by the Mekong River Commission


The second regional workshop was convened by the Mekong River Commission to facilitate exchange between countries of the region on the review activities and key policy strategies. It focused on presentation and discussion of the national reports then critical consideration of the draft regional report.

List of participants


The objectives of the workshop were:

  1. To present and discuss the four national reports on protected areas and development;
  2. To present the draft regional report and provide detailed comments and input to the final version;
  3. To define regional issues and strategies for inclusion in the regional report and for consideration as part of the Basin Development Plan process;
  4. To identify activities for inclusion in the future program for the protected areas and development (PAD) partnership.


Approach to the second regional workshop

The workshop ran for two days and comprised three components.

  1. The national reports prepared in the four countries were presented in turn followed by a period of questions and clarification. A panel of national experts then facilitated more extensive discussion on the strategies proposed in the national reports.
  2. The PAD review team provided presentations on various sections from the draft regional report. Presentations were interspersed with expert panel question and answer sessions and plenary discussion.
  3. An intensive working group session reviewed and discussed the draft regional report and priorities for a future program of PAD activities. The working groups reported back to the plenary on their proposals for:
    • Modifications to the existing draft text;
    • Additional important issues which need to be addressed on a collaborative basis at regional level;
    • Additional regional strategies which should be included in the report and considered in the Basin Development Plan;
    • Priority activities in a future program for the PAD partnership.


Day 1

Welcome Speech
H.E. Dr Mok Mareth, Minister, Ministry of Environment and Vice Chairman of CNMC, Cambodia

Opening Remarks
Mr Chanthavong Saignasith, Officer In Charge, Mekong River Commission Secretariat

Protected areas and development: An overview
Jeremy Carew-Reid, PAD Review Team Leader and Director of ICEM

Presentation of national reports

Flag of CambodiaCambodia - Kol Vathana, Deputy Director of the Department of Nature Conservation and Protection, Ministry of Environment

Flag of Lao PDRLao PDR - Sourasay Phoumavong, Director and EP co-ordinator, Operational division, LNMCS

Flag of ThailandThailand - Potchana Auengpaibul, Director of Natural Resources Policy and Planning Section, Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board

Flag of VietnamVietnam - Nguyen Huu Dung, Head of Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection Division, Forest Protection Department, MARD

Kol Vathana, Deputy Director of DNCPPanel session on national reports and strategies

Presentation of draft regional report

Protected areas and poverty alleviation - Jason Morris, ICEM

Panel session on critical issues and strategies


Day 2

Presentations of draft regional report

Protected areas and tourism development - Alison Allcock

Protected areas and forestry - Andrew Ingles, IUCN Thailand

Panel session on critical issues and strategies

Protected areas and transboundary cooperation - Kishore Rao, Head Regional Protected Area Program Asia

Panel session on critical issues and strategies

Nguyen Thi Yen (IUCN Vietnam) & John Parr (WWF Thailand) chairing the discussion

Working group sessions on draft regional report

Working group 1: Fisheries and poverty
Working group 2: Agriculture and forestry
Working group 3: Energy and transboundary PAs
Working group 4: Water and tourism

Reports of working groups to plenary followed by discussion

Closing comments
Busabong Thephasdin, Director of Environment Division, Mekong River Commission


The general conclusions from the workshop will be made available here soon.