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Welcome to the Thailand pages of the
Protected Areas and Development Review


Thailand has the most established system of protected areas of the four countries of the lower Mekong River region, dating back to the 1960s. Currently over 17% of the country is covered by protected areas, with a target of 25% for the year 2005.


National Report on Protected Areas and Development

Drawing from all experiences and lessons learned from the Thailand PAD Review, the Thailand National Report assesses the overall environmental situation of the country and analyses the relationship of key development sectors and socio-economic conditions to protected area management planning.


Click here for thematic maps of protected areas in Thailand

Field study in the Eastern Forest Complex

A field study conducted to study the role of the Eastern Forest Complex of protected areas in the economic development of Rayong and Chanthaburi Provinces.

Lessons learned in Thailand

This paper compiles the experiences of protected area management in the last ten years, presenting them as past acheivements and future challenges and served as a precursor to the forthcoming Thailand national report on protected areas and development..

18/10/01 First National Round Table

The first national round table brought together review partners from government, protected areas, donors and non-governmental organisations to discuss lessons learned regarding the contribution of protected areas to sustainable economic development in Thailand.