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National Report on Protected Areas and Development


Cover of Vietnam National ReportThe Vietnam national PAD report analyses the achievements and weaknesses of the Vietnam protected area system and its relationship with community development and economic sectors such as water resources, energy, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, industry and biodiversity conservation. It proposes practical measures and solutions to overcome the weaknesses with a focus on strengthening the relationships between protected areas and local communities and application of the “user pays” principle to all development sectors that receive benefits from protected areas so that payments go to maintaining the resource base.

In order to strengthen the role of protected areas in economic development, the National Report has proposed some recommendations on the use of financial and planning tools, the improvement of cooperation and collaboration between related sectors and levels, and on the legal and institutional frameworks relevant to the protected area system.

Two national round-table meetings, two regional meetings, a final consultative workshop and a national e-mail network have involved more than two hundred people. They have shaped this report on the basis of a decade of lessons. An inter-agency task force undertook field studies in Thua Thien Hue Province to value the development contribution of a cluster of protected areas; the results gave direction to strategies for national application.


ICEM, 2003. Vietnam National Report on Protected Areas and Development. Review of Protected Areas and Development in the Lower Mekong River Region, Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia. 60 pp. ISBN: 0 975033 24 7



Full report [PDF 1271 KB]
Report without images [PDF 361 KB]
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Map of protected areas and land use [GIF 1000x1450 pixels 178 KB]
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Full report [PDF 1694 KB]
Report without images [PDF 466 KB]
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Visit the Vietnam protected area maps page for set of map data sources


Table of contents

Why this National Report on Protected Areas and Development?

  1. Background
    1. Biogeographic Characteristics
    2. Demographic Characteristics
    3. Vietnam's Governance Structure
    4. Economic Development
      1. Economic Performance
      2. Planning Process
      3. National Budgeting System
      4. Government Priorities
    5. Vietnam's Reform Processes
  2. Protected Area Management
    1. Context of Protected Area Management
      1. National Environmental Management Strategies and Plans
      2. Natural Resource Management Structure
      3. Natural Resources Trends
    2. Protected Area Management System
      1. Special-use Forest Protected Areas
      2. Wetlands
      3. Marine Protected Areas
      4. World Heritage Sites
      5. Biosphere Reserves
    3. Protected Area System Issues
      1. Coverage
      2. Buffer Zone Management
      3. Protected Area Classifications and Administration
      4. Protected Area Financing
      5. Integrated Planning
  3. Protected Areas and Development
    1. Protected Areas and Community Development
    2. Protected Areas and Water Resources Management
    3. Protected Areas and Energy Development
    4. Protected Areas and Agriculture Development
    5. Protected Areas and Fisheries Development
    6. Protected Areas and Tourism Development
    7. Protected Areas and Industrial Development
    8. Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation
  4. Recommendations
    1. Better use of economic instruments and planning tools
    2. Strengthen cooperation and co-ordination
    3. Strengthen protected area policy and institutional framework

Abbreviations and acronyms
Annex 1: List of All National Protected Areas in Vietnam
Annex 2: How Much Is Enough Protected Area Coverage?
Annex 3: The Total Economic Value Approach